Wise Education uses DingTalk as All-in-One Platform



Requirement:Internal administration and online tutoring

In 2015, Mr. Vicent and Ms. Eva came to Kuala Lumpur and founded WISE Education. Starting out with no help, they had to take care of every aspect of the business, including tutoring, after-class student care, homework guidance, and even ferrying students to and from the school. At first, there was only one student, but the education center quickly gained recognition among parents and students. To date, WISE Education has provided services to over 1,000 families, and currently has 20 employees on payroll. WISE Education continues to uphold their motto to "Bring Excellence and Wisdom to Students", and tailors their programs to suit the specific needs of their customers.

Why did you decide to make the change to DingTalk?

I travel to China frequently for business trips. On many of those trips, I heard about DingTalk and its excellent capabilities for collaborative workflows. So we decided to try DingTalk and see if it could help us resolve the issues we face in day-to-day work, such as managing administrative workloads and business processes.

Could you describe a normal day at work before you started using DingTalk?

As an education center, we use apps to help us perform a variety of tasks. We have apps for work, apps for students to submit homework, apps to deliver training, and apps to communicate with our employees, students, and their parents. Due to the number of apps we used, we had to switch between multiple apps to carry out our day-to-day duties. We were very lucky because we switched to DingTalk for internal communication before the COVID-19 outbreak. During the outbreak, we realized that we could not provide physical services, so we decided to try to deliver tutoring over the Internet by using DingTalk.

How do you use DingTalk in your day-to-day operations?

We mainly use DingTalk for internal communication. The read receipt feature allows us to track who has and has not read messages. It is useful to help us keep our staff up-to-date about projects, and help us make sure that important announcements reach our staff in a timely manner. This feature has significantly improved the efficiency of internal communication. Furthermore, DingTalk also provides an intelligent attendance tracking system, which automatically generates attendance reports. These reports are a great tool and greatly streamline employee management.

Currently, we are also using DingTalk to communicate with our students and their parents. Our teachers use the video conference function to deliver tutoring over the Internet, and students can use DingTalk to submit their homework. I am happy to say that DingTalk is a comprehensive online education platform.

How has DingTalk changed the way you work?

DingTalk has significantly improved the work efficiency here at WISE. The functions provided by DingTalk not only help us save time, they also help me focus on my work. During the COVID-19 outbreak and the Movement Control Order (MCO) imposed by the government, we have to work from home. However, this blurred the boundaries between work and life. DingTalk has really helped me to manage by time between work and life.

What is your favorite DingTalk function?

I would say that attendance tracking and instant messaging are my favorite functions. In the past, tracking employee attendance was a tedious process. Now, DingTalk has simplified that process, and tracking employee attendance has never been easier.

Which DingTalk function do you use the most in day-to-day work?

The instant messaging function comes bundled with a lot of useful features. The one I use the most is the tasks feature. I can create tasks which can be assigned to individuals and cut down on communication costs across the team. This feature helps us save time during our day-to-day operations. Furthermore, DingTalk fully meets our needs in homework collection and live broadcasting – essential components for delivering online education.

How much has your work changed since you switched to DingTalk? What are the key benefits of DingTalk?

Since we switched to DingTalk, we no longer have to switch between different apps. All our work is completed in DingTalk, and we have achieved a paperless work environment by performing our tasks and delivering education over the Internet. DingTalk has also helped us save 30% of the time spent on internal administrative work such as employee management, accounting, and workflow approvals. These benefits have helped us make the transformation from physical tutoring to online tutoring amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, and redefine tutoring and learning in the education sector.